Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shoe Purgatory

Shoe Shopping 101

Girl:I am going out to buy some shoes.
Him:  What kind of shoes?
Girl:  I don't know, but I will know when I see them.

Comes home with two pair.  Girls are not loyal to their shoes, there are always more out there, and often they are on sale.  

He wants this shoe made by Reebok.  Only this shoe.  
Every other shoe is compared to this shoe and does not measure up.
Reebok makes it in kids, they make it in white.  Not black.
I think we bought the last two pair in existence about 10 years ago.
Ever since, it's a quest to find this shoe - every time he needs new shoes.  
I feel as if I want to buy Reebok, and make them make this shoe again.  I cringe when he needs a pair of shoes.
Tip:  When you find the perfect shoe for you man, buy every pair you find in his size.  He will never like another.  There are similar shoes, but not THE shoe.  Buy them even though they are not on sale!

In sewing news
Finally felt ok enough to sew a little on my new machine.  

There is a learning curve.  So many things are different from my Bernina 440, the presser feet, the bobbin, the way it is threaded, the way you lift the presser foot.  I'll be taking a guide class next week, and in the mean time I'm trying to stick with a straight seam and get the feel of it.  I going to name it 'Sully' from Monsters, Inc. because it is a beast.

Currently we trying to figure out how to notch the hole in my sewing table to be able to fit Sully down into the hole.

I afraid can't wait to quilt something on this!  Sully has 837 different stitches, I am committing myself to use more than the 5 I traditionally use.  

First things I sewed on Sully are bee blocks for 4X5 Winter Round Bee  I have one more to make.

And I added to a block for a small group I'm in Traveling Quilts

What I received

After my additions of Riley Blake Chevrons

Going to the doctor today, I think my cold has evolved to bronchitis.  Yay.  You know it's bad when an hour of sewing wears you out.


Jackie said...

Congratulations on your new machine! I've gone from a 440 to a 780 recently. You'll quickly get used to the pressure foot lifter and the bobbin differences. I'm slowly getting used to the rest but haven't even begun to explore all these machines can do!

Dree said...

Too funny about the Reeboks--my 13 year old MUST have all-black shoes for his school uniform. They are soooo hard to find. And rather than carry a second pair of athletic shoes for PE, he wants all-black running shoes.

This was no problem when he was in kids sizes. But now he is in adult sizes. FIVE stores. FIVE. To find ANY all-black running shoes. Thank goodness they were Reeboks, or he might have wanted to keep looking.

Jenny Squawk said...

I'm so blessed. Sasquatch will wear anything as long as it fits and doesn't look ridiculous. His size ranges between 18-20, depends on the brand.

Can't wait to see what your new machine can do.

Jenny Squawk said...

Should say that is a US size.

qwilltr said...

So sorry you are feeling worse again. You HAVE to get better by Saturday. I guess tomorrow morning is asking a little much.

So excited you started using Sully! Let the games begin...

Ella said...

Cool new machine! I hope you feel better. Ask it if might be pertussis. It's making the rounds in Atlanta, is super contagious (for 3 weeks if untreated), and requires antibiotics.

FiberofAll Sorts said...

Ohhh Sully is so wonderful! I can't wait to see what she makes!

Feel better my dearest! We all need more than just one hour a day of sewing - especially on a beautiful beast.