Friday, February 1, 2013

Fresh Sewing Day Feb 1

I felt somewhat let down last night when I was making my mosaic for this link up.

Really, that's what I made?  Mostly bee blocks.  While I want to make those, I also want to make other things!  I think it was a combination of events, my niece visiting into the New Year, the arrival of the new grandbaby on Christmas Day, and spending a lot of time starting and finishing Madrona Mosaic.  It sure felt like I did a lot more sewing than what is showing up.

I did make one other thing I can't show yet.  And I have posted a couple of progress pics of a commission I am steadily working on, that should be complete by the end of next week.  And getting a quilt made from start to finish in 10 days was a big accomplishment.  And I love the way it turned out.  

I'll have more in February.  At least I am planning on it!

I completed the Running with Scissors Bee in January, and these are the blocks that went into the bee.
I like to take a look back at the end of a bee and see the diversity of blocks I made.  Some were more complex than others, and I have come to view those as a challenge.  Due to bees I am no longer afraid of paper piecing.  

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Karen said...

Oh my gosh, don't feel let down, everything in your pictures is lovely, especially the quilt which is AMAZING! Well done :o)

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I wouldn't feel let down if I were you. Since you enjoy making bee blocks you should be happy! I used to do a lot of swaps... now I have scaled back because I need to spend time making the blocks into quilts instead. Next year - who knows?

Patricia said...

What a colorful bunch of projects! Step back, take a breath and be happy about them. Any progress is better than none.

Liz said...

Your bee blocks look great! I feel your pain though, I've had months where my 1 or 2 bee blocks were all I had the chance to sew! I've nominated you for the Liebster award:

Leanne said...

I think you had a wonderful month, so much going on and all this too. Also that was an excellent bee, look at all your beautiful blocks.

Amanda said...

Your blocks look great! And eventually you'll be getting a whole bunch to put together. :)

capitolaquilter said...

congrats on the birth of your gandbaby - getting over the fear of paper piecing is a big hurdle (I'm not there yet). Lovely Madrona, congrats on a great start to the year.