Thursday, February 14, 2013

Deer in the Forest Finish

There are not too many things in life that feel better than cuddling under a quilt warm from the dryer.  
I snuggled with my 7 week old grandson yesterday, that was better, but there isn't much else.
I think that we, quilters, have a mission to introduce people to the feeling of a REAL quilt fresh from the dryer.  

One day late last year I was in one of my banks (I go to the bank A LOT, for two businesses, you must know your bankers and tellers!) and through all the chit chat, quilts came up, and I happened to have one in the car (don't you?).  It was Bird on a Branch, which is the perfect sofa quilt.  It is used all the time, like a good quilt should be.
One of the ladies right away, said make me one, how much, I want it to be deer and forest, but not camouflage.  Yay!  Love those kind of people!

So I found Riley Blakes Elk Ridge fabrics which I thought were the perfect match for what she had asked.

She said her husband was a traditional guy, a hunter, but I know her a little and I can tell she leans toward modern.
I worked toward a balance of a traditional block with a modern twist.  And keeping with the forest feel for the fabrics.

I added a few solids, and the reflections deer print was actually a table runner I found by Jay McCarroll Habitat.  I cut it up and used pieces in the quilt.  

The blocks are all random, I did not use any precise measuring.  When I got to the point I wanted to sew a row together I took the largest block and added a bit to the others in that row to get them to the same size.

To make the quilt longer for a good sofa quilt, I added sashing in between the four rows and also the top and bottom.

I backed the quilt with a flannel that was dark green with pine cones on it.  I don't have any photos of the back, but trust me, it looked good!

I use Matilda's Own 50% cotton / 50% wool batting.  I used to be able to get this from a local quilt show, but haven't seen any for two years.  I had a stockpile, which is now almost gone.  I'm not sure where I will be able to find it now.  I love the way it puffs up after washing and feels good and warm from the wool.  

This quilt which was on my calendar for the last month is done, my design wall is free - I am open to all kinds of sewing possibilities!  

Keep Calm & Quilt On!



Brookquilt said...

Absolutely gorgeous! GREAT quilt!!

Brookquilt said...

Absolutely gorgeous! GREAT quilt!!

Jenny Squawk Scheidt said...

The Jay McCarrol fabric looks like you did hand work on that block. This quilt is not my style, but it's beautiful none the less.

Leanne said...

It is beautiful and sounds like it is perfect for its purpose. Sounds like you have fun bank people.