Monday, February 25, 2013

Progress is slow

A few weeks ago I had a sinus cold that really drug me down.  Ever since,  I alternate from feeling great days to feeling like poo days.  So, on a good day, I rush around and get many things crossed off the list, knowing that the next I will probably crash.  And I am probably crashing as I do too much on the good days.  It's a vicious cycle.

Now, I'm just down.  I had pat myself on the back for not getting sick for two years, so karma has come around and knocked me off my high horse.  

I did manage one of the 5 blocks I need to make for the 4X5 Bee.  I am now late, but I think I can get a couple more of these done today.  After finally settling on the block - that is the hardest part for me.   It is a string block, and I added the white to come together in the center for a bit more of the color they want as their background color.  

In the Virginia Beach MQG we had a fabric basket swap for our February meeting, using Pink Penguin's tutorial.  

I opted for the larger size for my partner, this is mine with one made from the smaller size pattern.  I like the larger size - you could use it for your fabric trash as your are cutting or to hold your supplies on your cutting table, candy next to your machine.  Or maybe you want the smaller size for that so you don't eat too much.

Here is the super cute  fabric basket I received in the swap, I love that it is different.  The flower is a snap closure.

I have been looking at all the photos from the bloggers at Quilt Con, and trying not to be jealous.  But also thinking, I'm glad I'm not there, I would not have the energy to keep up, and then I would be disappointed.  

There is a quilt show near me this past weekend Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival, not quite as awesome as Quilt Con, but it is right here in town at least.  I am hoping that the show will start moving toward some more modern vendors next year, there were some modern quilts in the show, but largely not.  

And let me tell you that I am feeling so drained that this came - and I barely got it set up, let alone sewed on it.  

This was my Christmas present ordered Nov 9th, it just came over the weekend.  Only a 4 month delay Bernina, way to go with your roll out.  
However, I am sure that I will forgive you as soon as I start quilting with this baby.


Leona said...

I am so sorry that you have been feeling ill..I can empathize with you...sometimes it's difficult to get motivated, but as we know time passes and things start to get back on track eventually...Enjoy your new machine! Is it an 830?? Your fabric baskets are just gorgeous!Many regards for a happy week...

qwilltr said...

Hope you are feeling better by now and can start using your new baby! Our machine companies really can hold us hostage...there is little recourse when they mess up and so many people are waiting for amchine, if you had waited on principle, someone else would have been delighted to take your machine and let you wait for who know how much longer!It's a thing. I think they are finally moving in the right direction with sharing some key features but they have a long way to go!JMHO!

Be Calm and Quilt On!

jeifner said...

I hope you're feeling a bit better. It must be pretty bad to not want to sew on your new machine. The block looks good!