Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Happy Place

I've been in a number of bees and swaps on Flickr (probably all of you know this already) - had to really cut back this year to be able to get to sewing other than bee blocks!  I love love love these swaps and bees.  I have immensely enjoyed 'meeting' other sewists from around the country and the world.  I have learned and pulled from their talent.  I have started a few of my own bees and swaps.  I have been late in swaps and bees.  I have made angel blocks.  I have gotten surly (full disclosure) felt bad about it after, and I have also tried to be kind and understanding.  

I'm in a great bee called Quilt Around the World II I have written about it on here a few times.  There are 25 of us in the group and we have a mailing order.  You always mail to the same person.  You start with your own block and mail that to the next person who added a block, and she mailed it to the next who added a block, and so on.  It has been fun, has stretched my creativity, has brought forth beautiful blocks from talented ladies.  

Here was my starter block last June


My group of blocks has been in limbo with one of the ladies who wrote of medical issues some time ago.  I hope that everything in her life is ok, and that she gets back in contact with us.  But, sometimes something in life happens that just stops us in our tracks that takes precedence over bee blocks and swap partners.  I am thinking of ~Yolanda  some of you may know her from Flickr or the guild she went to in CA.  Great lady, fun, didn't have a bad word to say, talented, but sadly passed away last fall.  I have a couple of blocks she made me in two bees.  

So, I have sent the lady in my bee a note, and I told her I hope she is ok and can come back to us soon.  After all, we do have some blocks of hers going around the world too.  In the mean time, rather than wonder and worry about what has happened to mine, I am having a restart of my block and sending it on.

I had the fabric set aside and some pieces already together from making the first block, this one is very similar.  Some of the ladies already made blocks for me - and I don't expect them to make one again, I will be happy with what I end up with after this block making it's way around the world.  And I will have faith, that my other blocks will show up and the person who has them will have been able to make her way back to the happy place we all call sewing.   

Keep Calm and Quilt On

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Jo Jo said...

Very well said and your words reflect all our sentiments I'm sure. Lovely new starter block too! I look forward to receiving it and adding a block :)