Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sew Sunday

Went to a great meeting with the Virginia Beach Modern Quilt Guild - we had a secret partner pillow cover swap this month.  My partner likes brights so I used Kona solids and a few Kaffe Fasset shot cottons to make a bright cheery pillow cover.  The fist photo, before quilting, is not so bright, the second after quilting shows the colors much better.  Next month at the VBMQG meeting someone is coming in to talk about photographing your quilts.  And not a moment too soon.

The red line quilting is YLI Jeans Stitch thread.  This is a thick thread, and some people only hand stitch with it, I have been able to quilt with it, using Aurifil in the bobbin, and using either a jeans needle or quilting needle, extending the stitch length, and slowing down the machine.  It doesn't always turn out perfect, but it does look great on a piece if you have the patience to work with it.  

I received a pillow cover  - and I'll have to put up a photo of that as soon as I get one in daylight.  I like that this group reads you, and my partner gave me the perfectly colored pillow cover!

Angie - if you are reading this, here is your pillow cover!  It is simply gorgeous!  And I am holding it hostage and want to keep it for myself  will give it to you next meeting!

Here is another pillow cover made by a new quilter - Katie, she is so sweet, creative and a real plus to the group.  And we can't believe she is new to quilting!  I am going to copy this one day. 

Today I have so many things I would like to accomplish, it has been a slow sewing week, and I really want to spend quality time with Sully.  But I also want to clean off my sewing counter, catch up in blogland and flickr,  and put some fabric and other sewing essentials where they belong, instead of the floor where they are currently living.  I will probably do that first and just think about sewing for the 6 or 8 hours it will take to find the bottom of my counter.

If you would like a 'Sew Sunday' button you can find it on the right side bar or in the 'Sew Sunday' tab.  My linkz should be working better now - it will show your thumbnail, I'm still working out the glitches, so bare with me!  


Colleen said...

No sewing for me this Sunday - I'm out of town at a conference. I'd make a sad face, but I do hope to learn lots.

Katie has an amazing design sense. If she's a beginner quilter, I'd love to see what she does when she gets some experience!

Angela T said...

I love my new pillow cover. Thank you for picking it up for me.

Leanne said...

I love the pillow cover you made! The others are beautiful too.

Amanda K said...

What a pretty pillow cover. The quilting is so fun.

Artsy-Craftsy Ivy said...

Thanks for posting all the tips on using the jeans thread :)