Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bunnies Make Me Sick

Sick like ill, not like 'they suck'.  Seriously.  They are my worst allergy, so naturally we have five buns; all in the house.   I spent too much time with them a couple of days ago, and I was out of it for two days.  Sneezing, coughing, red zombie eyes, water works - all of it.  Someone said, well, why don't you wear a mask.  Who wants to wear a mask when cuddling with these, I ask you?  And anyway it isn't the mask that would help, it would be the not touching of my eyes after handling the buns that would do me best.  

I think the lady 5 aisles over in Walmart would prefer I wore the mask anyway, the one that jumped and screamed when I sneezed like I was Jack the Giant.  

Anyway, my energy level was zapped, and I slept on the couch, which led me to stare at the mantel and wonder why it looked so drab, blah.  The stars are from, ahem, Christmas.  You know how you just stop seeing something when it is right in front of you day after day?  Yeah.

I ordered up some of the photos I had been not printing and procrastinating about getting into frames.  I did not even have any framed from last years wedding or the gran coming on Christmas.  Off to it!

Now much better.  I have a mirror I'm going to put up behind the frames, as soon as I find it.  

I finished a project I started about two months ago.  This is one of those Pinterest things that look ohh, so easy when you look at the photos and read how easy peasy the author made the project.  This was not easy.  Oh, the painting was easy, we picked colors that matched Calvin's room.

This is just a painters canvas, painted, obviously, and I added his name at the bottom.  (As if we don't know who he is?) My idea was to paint over the letters, then peel them off and have a void of the name.  It didn't work out that way. In theory, this was a good idea, in practice the paint bled under the letters. 

And getting a one month old to not scream while you dip his feet in paint and plant them on the canvas, try that.  There was no mention of this screaming in the directions.  There were smears which had to be painted over, and we had to plant the feet a second time, and more screams.  

Finally yesterday I remembered to buy the white pen and a small paint brush to paint inside the outline of the letters and write the month under the feet.  And yay, we are adding on when he is six months.  Can't wait.

I only managed to work on a block in the last two days, these are two of the blocks for VBMQG BOM.  I am using Alison Glass Lucky Penny and a fat quarter pack of Oakshott cotton Ruby Reds.  I love love this combo, I can't wait to get to more blocks!  

I did get a nice book order in, and I spent some time thumbing through pages while holed up on the sofa.  It has been awhile since I bought any quilting books, and it was nice to sit and peruse new projects.  I am definitely in on the Tula Pink City Sampler QAL on flickr - there is actually a second QAL happening by The Intrepid Thread, so I think I can combine the two!  Maybe; might be one of those 'sounds good in theory' things.

Tonight we are going to a movie - a special showing of two episodes of Star Trek NG the third season, remastered for Blu-Ray.  It's pretty cool, if you like sci-fi, still watch Star Trek, and say things like 'resistance is futile or Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra' like we do.  Not afraid to be a nerd.  Back to my regularly scheduled sewing starting tomorrow.  

Keep Calm and Quilt On!  
my friends!

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qwilltr said...

I am having a hard time posting comments...maybe that's because I AM the ONE who said "wear mask", which was meant to be funny, of course. How about allergy shots...don't they have them for bunnies so you can enjoy the sweeties in your home? Glad your allergies are better now!

Love your remodel and the Calvin deal. Maybe some letters that are vinyl you put on a mailbox would seal around the edges better? Just a thought if you ever do it again.

I plan to fix my curtains to fit the rest of my kitchen windows today and get some quilting done. Wish me luck because I know the hubby will want me to go to vet with him and who knows what else!