Saturday, May 25, 2013

Changes to Flickr - Some Tips!

There was a very sweeping change on Flickr last week some time.  While it took most of us by surprise and for a lot of users it is unwelcome; I am attempting to embrace the changes and work with them.  I have put together a few photos showing how to navigate to some familiar places.  If you read my blog and I have put up a photo showing your Flickr name or photo, I was only trying to get info across - if I am offending anyone by including something of theirs here, please let me know and I will take the photo down.

I don't claim to be an expert but I did do some clicking and tried to find what I wanted on the new version of Flickr.  I took these photos with my phone of the computer screen so they are grainy - but you should be able to get the idea!

First to see photos from your contacts:
Hover over CONTACTS  and a drop down menu will appear

The photos will be sorted how you want them - I have them sorted by date uploaded and 5 per contact.  The photos displayed are larger than what we were used to and if you chose one the photo will be larger and you will see the info on the photo and the contact at the bottom right side of the page.  You can add comments or favorite a photo and read other comments.

If you want to see RECENT ACTIVITY on photos you have commented on -
Hover over YOU and a drop down menu will appear

After clicking the Recent Activity you should get a screen like this showing photos you have commented on.

Next if you want to see the recent activity in a group you are in
Hover over  COMMUNITIES  (I think this is what 'groups' are called now
In the drop down menu chose RECENT DISCUSSIONS

You can see in the drop down menus how to get to other places that you are familiar with - groups list, your own photo stream, searching a group.  I hope this helps out some of you who are still searching the new Flickr.  I knew that probably no matter how we felt about it, Flickr will keep their changes.  My friend told me that they are probably gearing more toward mobile devices and and devices like iPads.  Which I believe to be true as when I went to Flickr on my iPhone, I liked how it interfaced much more than previously.  I can add photos to groups from a phone upload now.

Like Facebook and their constant changes, we are probably stuck with this version of Flickr so let's figure out how to best navigate and put our energy back into creativity!

Keep Calm and Quilt On!


jeifner said...

I think you've explained it very well! The organizational changes are fine with me. It's the visual layout that feels like black chaos. Everything has equal visual weight and impact so it all looks like a jumbled mess. The whole point of flickr is photos and I don't think they're showcased well. But those're just me sour grapes :)

Linda said...

Have you discovered how to delete a photo on your photo stream that you no longer want there? I knew how to do it before these changes suddenly happened!