Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sew Sunday

Happy Mother's Day all, I am late getting Sew Sunday up - and I have little to show today.  I have plans for the day, which involve my sewing studio and fabric flying around the room, but little to show for the last few days.  I have finished another fabric basket, but haven't photographed it yet.  Besides, you may be tired of seeing those!  

I'm finishing up a Mother's Day gift today.  And then for myself I plan to make the Super Tote by Anna.  I can't wait to give this a try!  I ordered fabric last week to use, I do have to go out and get elastic, but other than that, I'm ready to go.  

I have a swap item to finish today too, so a busy day but what I want to do on this Mother's Day.  Thanks for visiting, and I hope you get to do what you want on your day too!  

I was able to get a super photo last week, all five buns together.  It's hard to get them in one photo, they move quickly or something across the room sparks their interest.  They were all getting cranberries - which they don't get often, it's a treat - and they all sat still long enough for a few quick photos.

We have Peanut (brown lop) Velveteen (grey mini rex) Bandit (white with black, Netherland dwarf) and Patch & Stitch (white netherland dwarf).  Stitch is the boy all white bun, he is slightly larger than Patch and he actually has a small patch of black behind his ear.  We had already named him Stitch, so even though he has the 'patch' that isn't his name.  

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