Thursday, May 2, 2013

Plowing through chores

This week has been hurly whirly - I feel like I just got started and here we are at the end.  As promised on Sew Sunday I spent most of that day cleaning my sewing room.  

A Before


Love it!

But some things had migrated over to here. Le Sigh.

Some wine through the evening helped me power through the organizing.

I pulled out my blocks I have received from the 3X6 Quarterly Sampler Bee, I think I have enough to be done with this color way.  I have a couple more blocks I am expecting, and I can always round it out with a few of my own if I feel it needs more.  

Keep Calm and Quilt On!



Jo Jo said...

I love your bee blocks - you have some awesome ones in there. Well done on the tidy up - need to do a spot of that myself ;)

heart of charnwood said...

Good Work! And love those Bee blocks, fab :o)

laurabehindthehedgerow said...

Commenting here because I can't find your divided basket that was on the Pink Chalk newsletter. Anyway, just wanted to say that your basket is lovely - and that my daughter has just torn her dress in that same fabric! It's lovely. I also love your quilt designs. x