Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sew Sunday

I had a little bit of inspiration the other day, and did a lot of fabric pulling.  Yep, liking this, looking good.

Did some cutting.  I used the print as inspiration for the color choices. Yep, liking this, looking good.

More cutting into triangles.  Still looks good.  I'm on a roll. 

And boom.  Hit a brick wall.  This is just too busy.  I so wanted this to work, but the print is lost with all the colors.  I am bummed.

So I pulled out a solid and went through a couple to find something that I liked and it may just go this way.  But I am pondering.  This helps the colors quite a bit.  But I really want to use the print.  This is based on the pattern by Alison GlassSpectrum which you can find on her website.  (p.s. she used a solid, because she is smart like that)

While I ponder what to do about this, and figure what to do with this gorgeous print, I am going to get to some bee commitments and swap items today.  Are you on Instagram?  I'm fairly newish to that site, but I'm loving it so far.  I post some progress photos there.  If you are on there and want to see instant images, plus bonus images of the bunnies.  I'm FairlyMerry on Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest -
What will you be working on today?  


Newbie Jen said...

How about making your print a larger piece? Then the QST's will be accentuating instead of competing with the print.

Angela T said...

I think the print looks great with the warm colors in the lower half, but not so much with the cooler colors on top.

Cathy said...

How about using the solid as a narrow border on either side of the print to separate it from the business and brightness of the pieced triangles. That should frame the print, and the piecing, and hopefully give both sections their own individuality.