Sunday, December 30, 2012

Still One Day Left.....

Trying to get some things off the sewing counter - things are piling up into a mountain, and I want to start 2013 off fresh. Something I aspire to on a monthly basis, I think.  No resolutions here, I know my sewing-self and I often put too much on my sewing counter, but love every minute of it.  Sometimes I actually accomplish having it cleaned off, and I take photos on those days.  

Today I finished a block for the Quilt Around the World II group.  I have 3 more packages to work through, and they only get done one at a time.

These are some of her blocks - I didn't have much room on the design wall to get all of the blocks up.
They are pretty sherbet / gelato colors.

I also finished my start for a new group Traveling Quilts - similar to a round robin, but you don't have to go 'round' the quilt top you are working on.  I went with a rustic improv piece.  I look forward to working on the groups projects and seeing where my starter piece travels.

The piece measures 29" X 16",  I took photos vertical and horizontal, I'm not sure which way it will end up.

I made a few postage stamp blocks too, but I didn't get their photos before night fall.  

What are you working on this end of the year time?


qwilltr said...

I wantt o finish a Christmas Wreath quilt I have neglected for about 2 years, I just finished my 6 late christmas gifts and I have a swap to finish as well as what, 4 - 12" X 12" quilts I'm behind on? Never a lack of projects to finish or start! Oh yeah, I also need to make another baby quilt by February for a friend I used to work with.

Leona said...

The block is fabulous, Mary...