Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Don't Look Back, Don't Ever Look Back

Well, maybe we can look back at sewing stuff from 2012.  Just not at photos of ourselves from a decade ago.

While putting together mosaics for 2012 finishes - I realized that some things have changed in the last year.  My sewing goals, my blogging goals, my spending goals, my weight goals remain the same as last year, as that wasn't accomplished. At all.

 Finished Quilts 
While I would like there to be more on this list, I am happy with these quilts.  Only one still lives with me, Bird on A Branch - the rest have new homes.  I included Hannah's Garden, even though in the photo it isn't quilted, in real life it is.

Two of the photos are backs, but lets face facts, making a back is almost as time consuming as making the top.

I made bags and pouches - and I rather liked the distraction and challenges.  Some were swaps, some were gifts, the Game of Thrones Bag and iPad cover still live with me.

Made some other sewy stuff and stuff.  And, hmmm, I own none of this.  I made a couple more minky blankets that I don't have photos of and I made more scarves which were gifts.  

And, whoa, when I started the mosaic for bee blocks - I was amazed.  I have made So Many Bee blocks this year!  Some of these bees have ended and a few are coming quickly to a close.  I want to continue having my toe in the Flickr world of bees, but I have curtailed my 'yes's' - I want the first second and third mosaic to contain more items next year.  That being said, I love the Bees, all of you all are great to be around.

Most of these photos are one of two blocks made for the bees.  Some were for NuBees and 4X5 bee, for which there were more made.  And I know there were a few blocks I never photographed.  

Most important is the next mosaic - I want to quilt these finished tops pretty quickly in the New Year.  

The one that has been together the longest is the Christmas one, but the blocks have been made for the Tokyo Subway Map the longest.  I wish that these were the ONLY tops I have together that need quilting, these are just the ones I had photos handy.  Sad.  Real sad.  

Going to Keep Calm and Quilt On!


heart of charnwood said...

You've been up to loads, and there will always be WIP's, it's just keeping them to a manageable level!! Happy New Year. : )

Jana said...

I love your year end look back. It's very impressive. And inspirational to me.

Also love the quilts you want to finish this year. (I have many tops too.)

Happy New Year.

Leanne said...

Mary your mosaics are all so beautiful, I really enjoy these recap posts. Your work is always such an inspiration to me, I am looking forward to seeing what you make this coming year.