Friday, January 11, 2013

One for the boys

In this post I am going to pay tribute to my very special, patient waiting in quilt shops, can't understand color value, questions my fabric hoarding, but can build motors, fly a plane, read plans, fix almost anything - husband.
Go get your manfolk - I will wait.

Hmm mmmm, la la la -twirling hair.
Ok?  Ready?

He has cars.  And one is going to be featured this weekend in the Hampton Roads Auto Show in the section of the show Ultimate Muscle Car.  What is a muscle car you ask? Your manfolk will explain.  At length.  Just nod your head.

This is the car being featured at the show:
1970 Cuda Convertible

on the way to the show!

Green machine terrific, you say?  What could be better?  Well, a second 1970 Cuda Convertible.  Why have one when your awesome wife will let you have two?

1970 Cuda Convertible

Said husband has been building motors and restoring cars for 30 years. This car he has had since he was 19 years old.  He doesn't usually participate in shows, he does this for his own pleasure.   He likes to drive them, he doesn't build 'for looking at'.

1970 Charger

Are they fast?  It could be said, that yes, they will make you grab the dash in fear and hang on for a thrill ride.
You are thinking, have your other menfolk caught the bug?  That would be our oldest son's Spice Red GTO that he bought after saving ALL his money during his Iraq tour.  (He has a different GTO now, as he wrecked this one, it looks the same, the second photo of the orange GTO is his current vehicle, he also has an awesome wife that is OK with cars.)

And, Mary, what is that in the background?  Is that a SIX car garage?  Why, yes, it is.  I will remind you that I have a sewing room.  The garagemahal has a larger footprint than our house. 
Anything more in that garage?  Yep.

1968 Charger R/T

 All technical questions you menfolk wish to ask I will forward to said muscle car enthusiast.   I mostly just nod my head and pretend to listen when the technical talk starts.  Pretending to listen is an art, I tell you!  

And one more, the last one, he claims (because he will be out of garage space and we aren't moving again for the sake of cars).  Being painted it's original burgundy color right now, a rare car find.  

1968 Barracuda fastback

For those of you not keeping track - that is 5 cars, and one garagemahal.
 I have 2 sewing machines and 1 sewing room.
All who believe that Mary should be able to purchase any fabric she pleases, a show of hands.
That is what I thought.  


Jana said...

These cars are AWESOME. I LOVE that you both have your hobbies. And I chuckled out loud at garagemahal. That's perfect.

qwilltr said...

Not only should Mary be able to have all the fabric her little heart desires...the HQ Sweet 16 would be an excellent additions to her sewing machine collection! I'm just saying...

Issabella The Cat said...

After reading that even my man agrees you should be able to fully stock your sewing room!

Colleen said...

I'm glad I didn't gather my menfolk. I don't want to them to see the garagemahal. They will want one for themselves!

Nice cars though. We have restored motorcycles here.

Brookquilt said...

B e s t p o s t e v e r. Still laughing!!!!

And it's all true!!!