Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Madrona Progress

I'm down to the wire now, only today and tomorrow to have this complete!  I spent yesterday deciding if I wanted to go larger or leave the top as it was.

In the end I opted for larger, so that I can use it either for a baby quilt or small lap quilt.  I don't want to just fold it up in the closet when the challenge is over.

I did not have a lot of time, and I don't normally work with a 'center'.  I don't add a lot of borders anymore, so I tried to figure a way to make the rest of the top branch off of the center, rather than just add borders.  I think that the corner of this one is what I am going with.  Which meant making 2 more of those blocks with the tiny tiny pieces.  I may (or may not) have to make the opposing corner the same way, I'm still dwelling on that, I just don't have the time left to be too picky.  Today, I have to be finished with the top and start quilting.  I know the quilting design I will use, that I have known all along.  And I have to use one more fabric in the top, I haven't worked that in yet, but it is on the drawing board.  

I love the way the back of the mosaic looks.  One day I may do something similar and use the backs for the front.  

Yesterday while I was thinking along the Madrona Road - I took care of a few bee items.  These are 9.5" strip blocks, the last blocks for the Running with Scissors bee.  While it's nice to be complete, it also makes me a little sad to not have those little packages coming every month.  

I also moved forward in the Quilt Around the World II group.

This grouping so far, on it's trip around the world, she asked for charcoal background and geometric shapes, these blocks are really coming together nicely.

I am now half way through the 25 sets of blocks, I have made 12 for others and my own starter block, 13 total.   This is a very diverse group, everyone wants something different.  The way the group works is everyone is in a loop order, and when you get the next package in the loop, you make a block and add to the package, send on to the next person in the loop.  In the end you will have 25 blocks in your theme.  
Mosaic of blocks I have made to date:

This was my starter block

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Jana said...

LOVE your Madrona Road. I am so impressed that you got this done so fast. We just got that fabric.

Leanne said...

I too love the Madrona Road quilt, I hope you get it finished in time! And that bee is interesting.

Linda Beth said...

I can't remember if I left a comment on your Flickr photo of the Madrona Road quilt top, but it keeps grabbing my attention! And that's very brave of you to decide to enlarge it this late in the game! Good luck hitting the deadline - I lost my inspirations and decided to let this one pass, myself.