Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some catch up

First - the world wide web should be called the world *^&%$ wicked #(&%$& wishy washy web.
It's not working at our house.  
Photos are on the regular camera loaded on to the computer so can't post from mobile.
I am going to have to call the cable company, which is like saying 'my tooth hurts, I want to call the dentist'.  

I cheated and brought my laptop to work where the internet works fine - because geez; it should always work for actual work but not for the good stuff, like photo and blog posting.  

I was able to get a few things checked off the duty list over the weekend.  
Here is one:

Oops, can't show you that one, I have to wait for a reveal in March.  It's good though, so come back.

Also, a great bee block for QAWII.  This star block uses the Tri Rec Ruler which gives you a perfect fit of center and points for the star.

Love those dots!  

My niece received a pair of sweat pants for Christmas that were too long - she wanted elastic at the bottom instead of wide legs.
I. did. it.
Cut the excess, made a little tunnel for the elastic to feed through, and viola.  
Funny how working with clothing makes me giddy, I am usually a scared rabbit thinking about hemming anything, but this one was easy and came out perfect.

This is one leg finished.

I have several projects in the mix -

Happy Sewing!

Keep Calm - And Quilt on

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qwilltr said...

You need to help me finish my blog so I can start posting. Then I need to do something so I have something to post...vicious circle, isn't it?

Peggy :)