Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Little Bit Improv

I want to do a little more improv block building.
I started with these bee blocks for the Flickr group 3 X 6 Sampler Bee.  In this quarterly bee you can sign up into a group of particular types of blocks - I was in the solids group.  

Each person in the group chose their own colors and these are what I came up with.  Got these out just under the deadline wire - won't get kicked out of that club, like I did the last pouch swap for tardiness.  

I learned a few things in the process - keeping my strips smallish, it's okay to cut, but not your knuckle with that brand new rotary blade.  Blood.  But not on the blocks.  I am an expert at blood avoidance on the fabric.  And after I posted on facebook my crafting abilities - my family so sweetly pointed out that I might hold the record for sewing through my fingers and slicing into my fingers.  It's true.  If there is a contest for that sort of thing - I'm in the running.  However, the world of fb doesn't need to know that, so I have deftly edited their Christmas lists with said rotary cutter.  

Earlier this week I blogged about getting to a cleaner sewing space - which would lead to more creativity (hypothetically).  
One goal was to get this put together by adding the sashing.
Another goal was that I really wanted to see my floor again.

The blocks were on the floor because something else was on the design wall, and I didn't want to mess up the placement of the blocks.  

This is a memory quilt for my Sister-in-law, of her Mother.  It is a mixture of clothing, t-shirts, photos printed on fabric, and some fabrics that represent my Mother-in-law - Redskins, Nascar, and cows.  Gotta love her, the shirts and sweatshirts are very representative of my MIL, she was from West VA and visited often, she LOVED to cruise, she wore her Redskins shirts and sweatshirts on Sundays,  and damn if she didn't love that stupid Taco Bell dog.

It took me awhile to work on the sashing and now we are deciding if there is to be a border.  I know Sandy likes it, and my husband got ideas for what he wants in his quilt in memory of his Mother.  

Sandy helped chose which shirts to use and showcase and she chose all the photos she wanted.  

I can see my floor again.

Yeah, I still have more bee blocks and my counter is still full, but I swiffered the floor and put away the stash of fabrics that I will use for my husbands memory quilt of his Mother.  Progress in the finishing department and cleaning department.  What was on the design wall you ask?  Soon, friends, soon.  

Stay Calm, and Sew On!


Leona said...

you have been a busy girl Mary! The improv blocks are amazing and your clean sewing area is to be admired! (even though the sign of a creative mind is a messy sewing

Anonymous said...

The memory quilt sounds great. I know that it is also a process in our minds.