Monday, October 29, 2012

Pinterest will get you in Trouble

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My husband took me to a movie for a 'date night'.  During the previews there was a trailer for some movie that I can't even remember what it was - but Ryan Gosling is in it.  I started to giggle.

Husband:  Why are you laughing?
Me:  Ryan Gosling.
H:  Who?
Me:  Wait....that guy.
H:  Why is he funny?
Me:  Well on Pinterest....
H:  What?
Me:  Pinterest, you know that thing on line that I look at.
H:  No.
Me:  I'm on there all the time!  And I have shown you the page!
H:  Oh.  Pretend I don't know, because I have no idea what pentherest is.
Me:  Ok, that is going to take too long to explain.  Anyway, there is a photo of Ryan Gosling on line with a caption that says:

Me:  What?  It's funny if you have a sewing table.

The Grand-baby shower is Saturday!  I took a break from sewing to make a few things for the shower.  
Like a diaper wreath I saw on Pinterest.  Everything on Pinterest looks so easy to make.  
I am crafty!  I can make stuff!  I will make a diaper wreath.

Supplies, and problem #1, I have been out of the diaper business for awhile, and I didn't know that diapers don't come in white anymore.  They are covered in Disney or Sesame Street or Pooh Bear or Dora or anything but white.  And the diaper aisle has far too many choices for someone who just wants to make a freaking wreath.

Problem #2, which isn't really a problem but something I forgot, when you open a package of Pampers, they SMELL so good!  Like a baby should, all baby powder and fresh.  Don't let someone walk in while you are sitting at the kitchen table with a diaper stuck up to your nose.  Embarrassing and difficult to explain.

It took longer than it should have, for something so simple as tying up diapers with ribbon, and I still have to make some sort of bow doo-dad to go on the side.  I will have to venture out to the store for that, so probably tomorrow the rain will have subsided enough.  Here is the finished wreath.  I will trim up some of the ribbons, but I am waiting until I figure out the bow situation.  You know think twice, cut once.  


Strawberry Patch said...

That is so cool! I wish I had been gifted one of those when I had my girls, then again I wish I had even gotten a baby shower, I kind of did pregnancy alone as all my friends were not interested in babies when I was doing it!

Colleen said...

You make me laugh! I've tried to explain the Ryan Gosling thing to my DH and he doesn't get it either.

Your wreath looks lovely. Hope you post the finished product, once you attach the bow.

Brookquilt said...

HHHHaaahahahahahaahhhaa. That Ryan Gosling thing was hilarious. I have no idea why they don't enjoy our humor.....

I don't understand what could be wrong with your 180.... How soon before 440 comes back?

ColleenaMareena said...

I think every movie Ryan Gosling is in from now on should have the line, "Hey Girl..." thrown in there somewhere! Bwahaha!

Also, I CAN'T STAND the smell of Pampers. I like the way they fit much better, but had to switch to Huggies. The smell drove me crazy, and it's hard to explain, but it got in the way of my babies' real smell--you know the smell where you want to just park your face right there against their sweet neck and cuddle them all day long. :)

Jessica @ Plum Patchwork said...

Dudes totally don't get the Ryan Gosling thing, but I think it's hysterical. This post cracked me up!