Friday, October 19, 2012

Game of Thrones - an obsession confession

I am a Reader - I love books.  I will admit though, I watched Game of Thrones before reading the books.  Are you reading/ watching?  I love this series! When I'm with others and we find out the other has read/ watched, we are all "OMG, did you see that part?"  "Have you read book 3?"  "Aaarrhhhggghh! Wait to you get to this part!"

The day after an episode you can not go on the internet if you have not watched it yet!  
This is my phone screen saver

House Stark

My daughter got me this for Mother's Day (the skin, not the iPad).  My kids have all read / watched, I tried to get my husband to watch with me when I first watched season 1.  He said "I'm not watching anything with dragons."  I said "There aren't any dragons, watch it with me."  So, he endured, for a short time.
After about 3 episodes, I said "Maybe there are some dragons."  He gave me a look, and said "Yeah, there are some wizards too, I don't like those either."  So, I can't go all ga-ga with him about the show.  

House Targaryen
And sometimes we find things on the internet that make us swoon

Tyrion Lannister

Yes, just slightly obsessed, but not in a creepy way.  I'm not writing to the characters trying to marry one of them or anything.  (Except, Eddard Stark, I would have married him, but no, now he doesn't have a head). And so, I bought this banner instead of marrying myself off.

And made this sweet as hell bag

Back off, it's mine.

The banner required some strategic cutting 

Lining and handles (I was going to use the orange for a pocket, but didn't).

Sewing the vinyl was not fun.

But, you know, the outcome was worth the broken needle, dulling a rotary, cursing and losing my scissors.
Cause, you know, it's a Game of Thrones bag.  


I was careful cutting so I could get the words on the back.
Detail of stitching, not very pretty, but I'll pretend I planned it to be like this.  The vinyl wasn't cooperative, I think if I make another I will try my walking foot instead of the regular foot.  I would change a  couple of other details on this bag if I made another, but this one works just fine.  

And my son and I find things like this and pass it around.

Can you believe we have to wait until March 31 for Season 3?  


qwilltr said...

I am on the second book and the second season both. I don't even care which order I do them. I love them. My husband likes them but he doesn't love them as much as I do. He is watching! We recently got Direct TV so I was able to get teh episodes we hadn't seen yet. I think I got the first season from NetFlix or maybe the library!Nice bag...

Carolyn S. said...

My sis and I binge watched the first two seasons and are anxiously awaiting the new one. I haven't read any books. I should try to snag one from my nephew who was reading one on vacation.
I understand your obsession.

Issabella The Cat said...

I'm reading A dance with Dragons (Book 1 of 2) and I'm reading it soooooo slowly because I don't wan them to end! How sad is that! 2015 before the next books are out :(

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

Is this the series that starts with "game of kings"? If so I started it ages ago and never finished. It was a tough start for me. Didn't know they made a show, what channel?

jane said...

A couple of my co-workers recommended it. I don't subscribe to any of the premium cable channels so I figured I'd look for the books. The holidays are coming. If I behave myself (fat chance), maybe Santa wll bring them:)

Jana said...

I haven't seen any of the shows, but am on the last book. Love your tote.