Saturday, October 27, 2012

Making it Better / Enter the Give Away

Enter for my Give Away of Oakshott Cotton Bundle HERE, drawing 10/31.

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions on my machine predicament.

I took time yesterday to clean the bobbin area really well.  
I also went back to basics.  When I was first learning to sew / quilt, someone told me use the tools as they are labeled.
Quilting needles for quilting, quilting thread for quilting, etc.

I put in a fresh needle, took off the thread I was using, which was really a heavier weight than needed for piecing, took the bobbin case out, replaced it and the bobbin thread.  I was using this one, which I usually just leave in, but it is actually for quilting and maybe embroidery.

The bobbin case on the left is the 'normal' bobbin case, it doesn't have the little pig tail.  I put this one in to use, in case that was my problem.

I also gave everything a good oiling, with this little home made tube I picked up at a quilt show.  It's handy for getting right into the bobbin case area for just a drop of oil.

New needle, freshly oiled, cleaned and threaded.  I did get a good seam out of all the work.  

But the machine is still making a hellacious noise when I sew, something that does not sound normal.  I'm going to keep trying, sew slowly, but carry on through the next few days.  At least I should be able to get to a few things during the storm.  

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