Monday, October 8, 2012

A Sew Sigh

I have been sewing a long time - decades.  My Mom was very crafty when we were kids, knitting, crocheting, she even made this game carpet one time.  It was the coolest thing ever, she used remnants and put together a whole rooms worth of carpet with a hop scotch, checker board, and tic tac toe board built right into the carpet.  It was awesome!  I know now that was a lot of work.  Now, she quilts along with me, and she's funny telling people how I got her involved, but really she was the inspiration.   My Mom is prolific with her quilts, sometimes they are simple patterns, but they are FINISHED.  The important part.  Ha!

This is my Grandmother with a quilt that was started by my Grandmother's sister who passed away.  My Mom finished it and gave it to her Mother, my Grandmother.  This is quilt love.

I told my husband today I was cleaning my sewing room.  (I also told him I was doing that yesterday, but we are just going to let that day stay in the past and pretend it didn't happen.)
He said 'let's go to a movie'.  No.
He said 'let's go out to dinner.' No.
He said 'let's...' - Just stop, No.  
It's raining.  The weather turned cooler.  Please, can a girl just get into her sewing room?  I mean really, I am so exciting, that getting to sew is the highlight of my day.  

After cleaning - which means rearranging, organizing and getting all the thread dust up, I finished this block for Quilt Around The World II group.  

Here are all her blocks so far:

She chose blues, greens, and paper piece stars.  

And one Bee block, which was very cool, but a little intimidating.

I have more Bee blocks to get to, but getting these two done today felt really good.  Just what I needed.  

And then, my husband came in my room and said 'I thought you were going to clean this room?'  
Then I went out to his garage and rearranged all his tools without telling him.  And let the dog run free in there.
And then I ordered some fabric.  Next time, he will keep comments to himself. 


moira said...

LOL. Sometimes a girl needs to sew!

Colleen said...

I laughed when I read this post. I read it to my husband, and for some reason, he did not see any humour in it. Hmmm. Maybe I should rearrange his tools.

Carol Jordan said...

My husband said he would be happy if I cleaned his work bench. My room is always "a work in progress"

Artsy-Craftsy Ivy said...

Mary, your posts are very funny. Those stars are great! What's that bee block that's kind of intimidating up there? It's a beauty :)