Friday, October 12, 2012

Packages & Conversations

Our phone conversation about a package.....

Him:  You have a package here.
Me:  Thanks.
Him:  It feels like pants.
Me:  It isn't pants.
Him:  It's pretty heavy, I think it's pants.
Me:  I'm pretty sure it isn't pants.
Him:  Well, what else could be so heavy?
Me:  Dude, do you even know me?  
Him:  I don't know why someone would order pants to be delivered.
Me:  It's fabric, it isn't pants!  Open it up!  
Him:  You don't have to yell, I already left the package in the house.  I don't really care what it is.  I thought it was for me, but then I thought it was pants and knew it wasn't for me.  Anyway, you have a package in there.
Me:  Oh, my God.  Thanks.  Do we have any wine?  

It was this heavy oilcloth I bought to make bags.  I'll start by making a wine tote.


Carolyn S. said...

Too funny! So, cool looking pants you got there.

Gill said...

Even funnier if you're a Brit because pants are knickers to us!!

Liz DandeliondD said...

Like Gill, I thought you were talking about undergarments because I am a Brit too. It took me a while to realise. I was just thinking, wow, she must use some pretty hefty tummy control whoppers ;0)

I love that deer picture frame fabric and didn't know it came in shiny.

Jessica @ Plum Patchwork said...

This post is hilarious! Totally cracked me up - I'd need wine after that conversation as well!

Mary Menzer said...

I will totally check my American / British dictionary next time!
I may need tummy control, but not that thick!

Newbie Jen said...

Too funny! Sounds like conversations I have with my husband!

LethargicLass said...

Your posts make me LOL and forget my long day :)

Melissa said...

LOL! Thank you! I needed a good laugh!

Fiber of All Sorts said...

OMG. . you 2 are awesome! Wine in Oregon anytime!

Fiber of All Sorts said...

My fella says you should make him some pants to just make a point &heart;