Sunday, October 28, 2012

Enter to Win / Machine Update

You can still enter to win this Ruby Red Oakshott fat 8th bundle HERE
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Ruby Red Fat 8th Bundle

Machine Update!
With a lot of cleaning, oiling, and coaxing I can finally sew again.  Everything isn't perfect, but the seams look 'normal'.  There is still a not 'normal' noise, but I am for the moment ignoring it and sewing on.  My husband wanted to take a look at it, and while he can build motors, work on construction equipment, and fix many many things I break in the house; I cringe when he wants to look at my sewing machine.  I'm afraid, very afraid, like sitting in a crouched position in the corner.  While I know in my mind that he won't at least make it worse, I'm always thinking - let's just let the professional touch my machine!  Go to the sewing machine handy man school before you experiment!

For Hilary in the Block Party Bee, October,  even with all the machine mess I am still on time!

These are prettier in person, the lighting wasn't correct for the photos.  She is going to quarter these large blocks and make quarter log cabin blocks.

For Diane in the Running With Scissors Quilting Bee, the Lone Starburst block.  I have been wanting to give this block a try, but mine did not come out perfect.  I'm not sure if it was the machine or me (probably me).  It was the block I was working on when the machine backfired, and I had to pick out a few seams, once or twenty times.

For Peggy, also in the Running With Scissors Quilting Bee, both for October, and I'm still in that month!  

And for Francine of the Sewn Together Bee, October!  I'm on a roll, except in the photo department, the colors are not translating well today.  Could be the nasty weather.  These really are gorgeous blocks.

Keeping Calm in the Storm - and Sewing on!  

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