Friday, March 15, 2013

Buckets Lists & Noteworthy Winner

I have read all the entries for this give away - and I became intrigued with many of the bucket list items that were submitted.  Travel definitely won the day for the most entries.  Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, were all popular destination wants.  Some were quilt related, the Houston Quilt Show, Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, making a particular quilt or learning a new technique.  

I have been able to do some of the things that were mentioned, some things are on my list too.  Mostly what I want to tell everyone, is that if there is a place you want to go, something you want to see or do - make it happen.  There are only so many tomorrows.  I don't want to be too sappy, but I do know this from experience and it isn't a nice experience, that if you wait too long or continue to put things off, sometimes it is too late to do it with the person you want to share the experience with.  

And now the winner of the fat quarter stack of Sweetwater Noteworthy fabric is

Comment #120 is from Gail Olney who said:

Gail Olney said...
I am following. Bucket list - see my grandkids, yet unborn, graduate from high school. My kids are still in college, so that means I want to stick around a while...
And what bucket list item could be better than that?

Keep Calm and Quilt On!


Tammy said...

Congratulations to the winner. Thank you for the great giveaway you hosted.

jeifner said...

It's so true. If you feel like calling up someone to say hello, tell someone you care about them, meet up with someone, go somewhere or try something you should go for it. Some of those opportunities and people will not be around as long as you might hope.