Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sewing with Sully

I have a new sewing machine, I mentioned him a couple of weeks back.  I waited for 3 months to get him in, from November til the end of February.  After I got him I decided he needed a name and I went with Sully, because he is a beast, but a good one.  I am currently taking a guide class, the second one is tonight.  While I am learning new things (I made piping!) I am also working on things at home to get used to  sewing with Sully.

Sully has needs.  First, something cute to put the accessories in.

Like a fabric basket.

I basically followed Pink Penguin's tutorial.  I modified the size to fit this photo of Sully, I printed the photo of the original Sully on paper backed fabric through my regular printer.  The basket body (I realize this isn't a good photo - it was 11:00 pm)

I used cotton/wool batting in lieu of the the fleece she recommends.  I did use the fleece on the previous basket I made, and I wasn't sure I was a fan, I wanted to give batting a try.  

The fleece might be a tad stiffer, but the batting seems to work fine too.
Sully's Stuff
That look on Sully's is sometimes a look I get when I know I've just made a huge mistake.

The bottom and the handles are made with Echino linen, the prints and lining are a variety that I thought went with Sully's colors.

Sully's Stuff

The main reason I jumped in and made this purchase is for quilting, there is 10" to the right of the needle for quilting.  So far I have only quilted on small pieces like this fabric basket - I'm working up to an actual quilt.  

I hope you'll be joining in on the Sew Sunday link party starting this Sunday 3/17/13 - there is a button on the right side bar you can grab.

Keep Calm and Quilt On!


Podunkpretties said...

Cute little bag idea! Have fun playing with your new machine, I've had my new one for two years and still finding new features I didn't know existed.

Jana said...

I love Sully's new basket. I like using the batting for my baskets. I haven't tried the fleece. Mainly because I don't have any. Have fun learning more about Sully.

Needled Mom said...

Sully is mighty handsome and needs that well made bag. Very nice.

Tammy said...

What a handsome big boy he isLove his new diaper bag

qwilltr said...

Too have too much time! Sheesh. I have done no sewing all week and now I lost my pattern for Keezia's quilt I am doing at the retreat! I can print it again, thank goodness. I am still not packed!
You'll have to help me witht he blog stuff by Sunday so I can join in!

qwilltr said...

What made you make him male? Mine have always been female. Does anyone else make thier machines gender specific?

DKB said...

Love the pic of Sully on the basket, what a great idea