Thursday, March 7, 2013

Press On Pillow Finish with Comments

Another pillow finish for this month!  I like small projects - they get FINISHED.  
This paper piece pattern can be found on Where the Orchids Grow blog.
It's called 'Press On'
(I added the script)

I made the block into a 16" pillow cover

The back - tape measure fabric -if someone gave this to me this fabric would make me just die!- and that is why I used it.

I was so excited and pleased with this pillow - it's just too cute, so I showed it to my husband (who is completely the wrong audience, but no one else is here at 9:00 at night)

Me:  Look at this pillow!  (dancing around)
Him:  Stand still.  What is it?
Me:  (turns it around, and then back to him) It's an iron.  
Him:  An iron?
Me:  Yeah, you know, that thing that sucks up all the power and makes the lights go dim and sometimes I use it to get the wrinkles out of your shirts.
Him:  I think you mostly use it for fabric, I don't recall any shirt ironing.
Me:  Yes, well, anyway.....what do you think?
Him:  Ok, I see the iron now.  What does it say?
Me:  "Keep Calm and Press On" - get it, PRESS and IRON
Him:  That piece isn't square.
Me:  (turns it around and looks at the front) What piece?
Him:  The piece with the words.
Me:  That's called wonk, it is supposed to be like that.
Him:  So basically, you mess it up, and say, I meant to do that.
Me:  No, it isn't messed up, you just leave something the way it is instead of making everything square.  It has a name.  
Him:  Well, except for that part, it's pretty good.  You are getting better.
Me:  You know, there is a reason you only have one quilt.  Your compliments suck.
Him:  Why don't you test your iron on some of my shirts?

The wonky bit

Keep Calm and Quilt On


Artsy-Craftsy Ivy said...

Haha, he sounds just like my guy! Great pillow--love it!

heart of charnwood said...

Ha, ha, I would have been tempted to test the iron out on his head, not switched on of course, don't want to waste electricity! :). Cool iron pattenr, and i love your "wonk" :o)

Leanne said...

I make my guy take his shirts to the cleaners. The pillow is very cute.