Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sew Sunday Link Up

Yay, it's Sunday, a day when I try to relax and work on crafts, sewing projects, bee projects, no matter, as long as I can sit down at my machine and work at a fun pace.  What are you working on today?  

Grab your button on right side bar.

I finished the top for the Pantone Emerald Challenge, now I'm debating if this is it, or does it need more.  I'm going to have to enter it today so a decision will be made.  I didn't quilt it yet, so it will go in the 'quilt top' category.  

Here is where I first wrote about my process and the fabrics I used.

This was a complete improvisation, I did cut the beginning strips with a ruler, but after that I cut up the strip sets free hand.  It was at this stage that my husband came in and wondered why nothing was squared up, why the lines were all wishy washy, and he said 'I just don't get it.' So that is what I am calling this quilt.
I Don't Get It.

I did have to square up the center of the top to be able to add borders.

I Don't Get It is very narrow, only 42" wide

Finished right now at 62" X 42" 

The button is on the right hand side bar!


heart of charnwood said...

We've had this conversation before, but what is it about men and not being able to "get" anything that isn't square and with a matching repeat pattern- i love it!! I'm hoping to get in some hand printing today for a swap, and i'm running out of time. :o)

Claire said...

The quilt is gorgeous!
My hubbie always says quilting is about cutting up perfectly good fabric and putting it back together in the wrong order!
I plan to join in next weekend, I don't feel cutting 8 4.5 inch squares is quite sewing along.