Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday

What am I working on?  Trying to figure out how to navigate Instagram.  I tried to avoid going to this app, it just seemed like one more thing to suck up free time, like Pinterest.   I am finding that some people are moving away from Flickr and using Instagram more often, I felt as if I should make an addition to keep up.  Sometimes it seems I have to spend more time figuring out how to navigate new media sources to get my photos and blog out there, and not enough time creating.  It's a choice, I know.  I have gained so much from Flickr with new quilting buds, new ideas, new ways to look at quilting - I hope Instagram will offer the same.  You can find my link on the right sidebar along with all the other ways to find me (bloglovin!, Flickr, Pinterest, email) I'll have more going on there soon, I promise!  I'm still not going to Twitter, it will be my lone hold out.  

Conversation this morning:

Him:  What are you putting on your feet?
Me:  Shea Butter.
Him:  Butter???? Why are you putting butter on your feet?
Me:  Not butter, Shea Butter?
Him:  And what is Shea Butter?
Me: ....(long pause)...... I have no idea.  
Him:  Well, by all means keep putting it on your feet then, but keep it away from my biscuits.  

Baby bumper pads in progress on commission.  My first time making bumper pads, I'm combining a couple of instructions I found.  I bought the pads on Amazon and the fabric is Sarah Watts Timber & Leaf.  

The patchwork sections will face the interior of the crib.  I have all 6 put together and 2 quilted with fusible fleece as the backing.  The bottom deer fabric will be face out of the crib, and I lined these pieces with a lightweight interfacing.  

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For anyone just stopping by, I hope you will want to visit again.  

I have a Postage Stamp Block Swap on Flickr with a mail date of May 1, check it out!

Keep Calm and Quilt On!

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Jenny Squawk said...

Very low volume work. Very pleasing.

Here's my public service announcement: Shea butter comes from an African Shea Tree. Shea butter is used for all things moisturizing. Shea is using on everything from skin, hair, lips. It is edible, too. I use it in lip gloss. Buy fair trade.