Thursday, March 21, 2013

Woody Woodpecker

I joined the Forest QAL because I am in love with the woodpecker block.

This is a paper piece group, and I was ready for it.  Almost.  Two years ago you couldn't get me in the same room with a paper piece block.  I'm still learning, becoming more adventurous and trying more difficult blocks.  I only wanted to run from the room screaming once with the tiny pieces on this block.  Maybe twice.  He turned out fantastic, except I should have made his feet darker, they don't contrast enough with the tree fabric I used.  I'm calling him Woody Woodpecker.  The next block in the series isn't too bad, but the third one I may really run around screaming instead of just thinking about it before the block is finished.  Woody only took me a whole afternoon, I'll tackle the next two when I have two days with nothing to do.  

I finished up another bee - which should have been done in January, this is for Shelley who I was seeing this past weekend and knew I could deliver it in person.  She wanted strips of prints inserted into a solid square.  I kept putting this one off, because I knew she wasn't working on the top yet.  And it worked out, because when I saw her she changed my background color, which went perfect with the leftover pieces from my Pantone Emerald Challenge Quilt.

One more bee block, this one for Simply Solids on Flickr, this is for March, she requested a night time city scape.  I thought the yellow looked like lights on in the buildings.

Keep Calm and Quilt On!


Needled Mom said...

He is fabulous!!! I love that.

Jan Baker said...

I would love to be able to attempt that. I haven't tried paper piecing yet. A little intimidated regarding it.

heart of charnwood said...

Some fab blocks, i particularly love the night time cityscape it's terrific. :o)

Amanda K said...

I love your version of the woodpecker with a pretty blue eye.

jeifner said...

Love the city scape- it does look like light or even the suns rays reflecting off glass in the last bit of sunset. I like the text echo fabric on the woodpecker. The tree and fox blocks, ok and the feathers, all look so great. I keep looking and haven't decided what colors to use :)

Leona said...

Gorgeous blocks Mary!